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Corporate Service Licensing Policy

The IoM's Financial Supervision Commission’s General Licensing Policy ("the licensing policy") sets out the criteria that applicants must satisfy to be successful in securing and retaining a financial services licence. The Commission will not issue a licence unless it is satisfied that the licence applicant, including the individuals associated with it, is a fit and proper person to undertake the regulated activity.

The fit and proper test is both an initial test at the time of granting a licence and a continuing test in relation to the conduct of regulated activities. The test takes into account integrity, solvency and competence.

The licensing policy provides guidance on the key requirements, such as:

  • Real Presence - the Commission will not licence a mere shell; the company’s management and control must be in the Isle of Man.
  • Track record - a licence applicant must demonstrate a proven track record in the successful conduct of the regulated activity for which it seeks a licence, either by being part of a group that already undertakes the activity in another jurisdiction or by key persons having operated at a senior level in a relevant licensed business.
  • Staffing – for most classes of business, the applicant should be managed by two “resident officers” who are supported by staff with suitable experience to fulfill the key roles.

The licensing policy also explains the acceptability of, and the Commission’s approach to, different corporate entities, ownership structures and management structures. In addition, more specific requirements such as the need for professional indemnity insurance cover and the variations in approach for particular classes of licence are covered.

The Commission has also published a supplementary licensing policy for Class 3. This policy document is additional to the general licensing policy and is directed at licence applicants who wish to provide services to collective investment schemes.

The full and supplementary licensing policies are: 

  • General Lincensing Policy
  • Class 3 Supplementary Policy
  • Graduated Manager Licensing Policy

The licensing Policies should be read in conjunction with the

  • Training and Competency Framework; and
  • Guidance Note on Outsourcing/Delegation of Functions

These can be obtained from the Financial Supervision website

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